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Unlike most sheep, pedigree shropshires do not bark trees, nor do they eat new buds and shoots. This makes them perfect for grazing in agroforestry settings. Shropshire sheep keep grass and weeds down whilst also providing fertiliser for the trees.



Using shropshire sheep to reduce competition from grass, instead of spraying or mowing, reduces labour requirements and the need for herbicides. It also improves soil health, with less reliance on heavy machinery meaning reduced soil compaction. This increasingly popular style of grazing is known as holistic planned grazing.



Having once been a rare breed, the tree-friendly shropshire sheep has become highly sought after by tree and orchard growers - even Prince Charles keeps a flock of them in one of his orchards.



Which settings are suitable for grazing shropshires?



Shropshire sheep can graze in vineyards, Christmas tree plantations, and orchards, provided that there's adequate forage to graze. In orchards, shropshire sheep have been observed to lift the canopy of trees, without any detriment to crop yield.



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