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At Hayne Oak farm, we produce pedigree shropshire sheep for sale across Europe to breeders and to place in agroforestry settings. Our flock has some of the highest performance index sheep in the shropshire breed, with our stock sire Hayne Oak Nelson in the top 5% of Signet recorded rams.



Our sheep are Signet recorded, MV accredited, and scrapie monitored, and all animals will be sold registered, with males scrapie genotyped.



We have a good selection of rams and females for sale. For a full list of available livestock, take a look at our catalogue here.



Why shropshires?



Shropshire sheep are a tri-purpose breed (meat, wool, and tree-friendly).



The breed combines fast growth with excellent carcass traits, and a well-proven ability to finish successfully from grass alone. 



Ewes are easy-lambing, with long and prolific productive lives, achieving lambing percentages of 160% and above, as well as having the ability to lamb before Christmas.



The rams are robust and make good crossing sires for commercial sheep keepers. 



Shropshires have a more complete covering of wool than any other downland breed and produce a dense high-quality fleece weighing 2-3kg



Shropshire sheep are tree-friendly, and are used in many agroforestry settings around Europe to reap ‘two crops from one acre’, as well as reducing the need for pesticides, herbicides, and associated labour.





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